Why I started this blog

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

I have been a software developer in Hong Kong for almost 8 years. Software developers are sought-after right now but I did not intend to jump for a higher salary. I am the ordinary developer who fix stuff quietly over the years. I have seen juniors who came in after me, leave sooner then me.

I haven’t maintained a solid profile on the internet, I didn’t have the need and do not have the time after work. I could not put programs I worked in company online just to show off, but I am tired as ____ after work. I want a work life balance and my current job somehow gives me this.

A dear friend asked me if I want to come over to Berlin, where I once lived and like. His/Her friend pointed out my profile is vague, I hate it and I really want to come over so I started working. I would show some computer stuff. It’s going to be simple but could shows I have minimal qualification for a developer. I am going to orchestra the whole thing including infrastructure, development and deployment.

I would update this site slowly, with random post. I would document my journey to make this work of proof.

P.S. Information for English speaker, The domain of this blog, rayentwickler is composed of Ray ( my name ) and Entwickler, which is a German word for Developer.

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