Project I have in mind – (2) Weather forecast accuracy tool

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I have another project in my mind, I want to obtain everyday weather forecast data from Hong Kong Observatory. My original idea was to provide a chart with what kind of clothe to wear in different temperature down to exact degree, but I have given it up because I don’t remember what do I wear in different temperature. I might have to conduct a survey for that. I might come back for it later.

My current objectives is to gather everyday weather forecast data, and cross check them later when the day passed, in order to know whether HKO is accurate.

This is an example of the forecast:

Date/Month 7/8 (Tuesday)
Wind: East force 2 to 3.
Weather: Very hot with sunny periods, a few showers and
isolated thunderstorms.
Temp Range: 28 - 33 C
R.H. Range: 65 - 95 Per Cent

I could easily classify them into member of a java class, scrape the data, and save into database.


I have obtained a piece of permission from HKO:

Dear Mr. Lam,

Thank you for your your submitting the electronic form of request for authorization to re-disseminate the information from Hong Kong Observatory website on 29 July 2018.

The Hong Kong Observatory hereby grant to “LAM WAI MAN” free authorization to reproduce or re-disseminate weather information of HKO website detailed in the Annex as listed below.

1. Such information is for NON-COMMERCIAL use (i.e. not for selling or exchange for benefit, gain, profit or reward in this context).

2. Acknowledgement is given to the Hong Kong Observatory as the source of information.

3. Such information must be reproduced accurately.

For the other conditions of the authorization,  please visit the link below:


All web contents (including the format of HTML files, images, hyperlinks, Javascript codes and etc) of the HKO websites (including its mobile version, text-only version , RSS and etc.) are subject to change without prior notice to the authorized persons or organizations.

Notices to authorized persons shall be posted in the following webpage: .


TH Chow
Hong Kong Observatory

Now I have the permission from HKO to scrape their website, I could work on it. But I prefer to do it after the Japanese Tokenizer. I would come up with a design first though.

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