Project progress – How to synchronize two development machines

Sample screenshot, the result has a space inserted between words


Screenshot of the Backend API when it was called.

I have some progress on the project but I have delayed because of 1) busy work, 2) The incessant rain in July and August, 3) I don’t want to manually synchronize two copies on my notebook and my home machine, which are on different OS.

I figured out how to use React and put some UI on the web page. Now there is a button which would call a HTTP REST API , take the input from left textarea, that put the result to the right textarea.

Problem: Perform development on two separate machine ( Windows and Linux ), without the need to manually copy and compile program

– [Done] First, put Frontend code on dropbox, because it’s just html/js with library of React, semantic UI
– [Problem solved] There might be problem with backend because it’s development used Windows python/virtualenv, Pip, and Flask

– [Done] I am going to put it on github and sync it with git push and git pull
– Also I want to set a Git Hook which trigger a git pull from my other machine. Since it involve embedding a username password, I would do it later.

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