Project progress – Added access to dictionary and new problem

Screenshot at the prototype

What were done:

  • I have added usage of JMdict in my website. JMDict is an opensource Japanese-English dictionary.
  • Functionality to tokenize Japanese text, copy the text and paste the result to the original “right” box.
  • Added an extra column to the far-right which shows some words definitions, with help of JMdict.

What I want to do:

  • ┬áMake the dictionary translation more accurate
  • Add an extra area down there which provide a translation result using Google Translate API.


Since I am not familiar with frontend/html/css stuff, I don’t know how to fit an extra box in that area because that area was occupied already although it looks empty. The column in the far right is in the same flex group with the other two box, since it need extra height to display stuff, the whole flex box stretched and occupied the empty space below.



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