I have to maintain the software I wrote 8 years ago

There is no keywords or meaning in this post, I only write it for reflection.

I am working with the same company which I worked for 8 years ago, despite I left it 2 years in between. Recently, I was told the GM want to abandon using WebSphere as a j2EE container and want to estimate the effort to move the application to a freeware.

8 years ago I wrote that simple Java Servlet application and they decided to use a fully fledged WebSphere server as a container. I thought it was overpowering for such a simple task but who was I to say no when management had decided to dump money to IBM just for security in mind? It was a simple application which display a pdf mobile phone bill upon any request.

Well, it replaced HP’s solution

The web application was intended as a contingency/backup for HP’s solution, it turned out that HP’s software had performance problem and they couldn’t fix it. My web application became the regular player on the field. It work as intended for 8 years.

Being an experienced programmer

Although it is a simple application that TomCat could easily power, but we still have to go through everything formally. That mean drafting a fallback plan and a deployment plan and probably parallel run.

This is the burden of being an experienced programmer. If I have been younger, sure I would want to boot it up with tomcat right away, but it’s now, not 8 years ago. Management loves it when you say you have a plan, and a fallback plan.

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