I made a simple program and at least 15 actual person said thank you

It’s been a while since the last post because of life and my project has been on a pause. But this post is not about the project but a simple program I made for my own good.

I am learning German language and one of the greatest difficulties is that German verb has conjugation ( verbs changes its’ form under different tenses ) and I think it would be very helpful to have a full list of all six conjugations of some common verbs. I have a list of 100 most important verbs which I got from internet ( there are plenty of those list ) and an online conjugator service (¬†http://conjugator.reverso.net/ ). You could enter the infinitive form of a verb in the website and it returns all forms of it.

Screenshot of Reverso Conjugation

However, I don’t want to lookup every words because that require 100 and more lookups. I asked about alternative to it online at Reddit subreddit /r/German but people suggest Duolingo and Memrise, which I don’t like. I much prefer a full list in an excel format so I could browse at it whenever I need. But obviously the website would not provide this kind of list, because otherwise no one would need their service anymore once we get the list.

In short, I made the program and ran it with 100 most important German verbs and use Selenium to look up the conjugations for me on Reverso Conjugation. I post the result excel on reddit, and I received 233 upvotes ( Greatest amount of upvote I have received in Reddit ) and received 15 actual “Thank you” in comment section.

Screenshot of my post at Reddit

To be honest, I know I am not the brilliant kind of developer, and probably are mediocre but at least I know how to program and those program are much more than simple Hello World. I usually refuse to work on project unless I am motivated ( either by money, aka in Office, or I need that program ). I am keen on automation, scripting, web scraping. Full stack programming is not my strength and I don’t familiar with the latest technology, but I produce VALUE.

The excel I made with a Java program. It is beautiful and very useful.

More on the Java program it self. It is a normal java program with the help of Selenium and JSoup. I have to use Selenium because the website Reverso Conjugation is not a static website and it generate its content dynamically with javascript. So I have to use Selenium to pretend that an actual person use a real browser to lookup thing, and copy the source code of generated webpage. After I get the source code, I break it apart with JSoup and look for what I need. I know for each tense, the content are being stored under an html tag with class “.blue-box-wrap”, so I take everything from there.

“Chrome is being controlled by automated test software.”That’s it for today!