I hate the guys who created Python 3, now I want Java again

There has been several months of difficult time and I haven’t blogged. I did some development but there is no point talking about it because I want to start from scratch with Java.

I hate Python 3 and everything that come with it

I am the average Joe developer and certainly I am not those who lead technology advance. I hate the guys who created Python 3 and decided it should be incompatible with everything of Python 2 because it leads to so many buys and difficulties in development. They said we should ditch Python 2 but most Linux distribution come preinstalled with Python 2 as “the Python”. Also python has a Pip which also comes with Pip 2 and Pip 3, with Pip 2 being the default one.

Now I just want to write program, do development instead of messing with system setting issue. Today I wasted at least one hour configuring PyCharm Professional with virtualenv. I don’t know what is the problem and I don’t want to waste time on it.

It could be the package “mecab-python3” used some default setting of Python 2 and crashed? I don’t know. I have already configured the system with default Python 3 and Pip 3 but it still happens.

I installed PyCharm Professional ( Trial ) because I don’t want to fiddle with command line anymore

During all the time with this “project”, I code with command line “Flask” and notepad++. But I fed up with it because every time I make a code change, I have to kill the running Flask server with Ctrl+Z and run “Python app.py” again. Ideally, I wish there is an IDE environment which behave like Eclipse of Java. Eclipse support Tomcat and I could bundle Spring project with it and the configuration is so simple. I just press the green arrow button “Run”. Coding, Testing in the same windows.

Now this command line won’t even work

Because I haven’t touch the code for a while, somehow it didn’t work as before. Did I make a fresh install of my PC? I don’t remember it. It should have work as expected but it does not work.

There should be a way to do development so that you close the IDE today, so it still works 100 days later after you click the funny icon which launch the IDE.

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