I have to teach a senior programmer Java?

We’ve gotten a new hire today

We hired a senior programmer to replace a employee who resigned last month, it turned out he does not have the tech profile we need. We focus heavily on Java but this guy is a Web Developer according to himself. My boss request me to take care of him and I wonder how? I introduced him to our colleagues and have lunch with them together, in the mean while I tried to understand his profile because my boss didn’t invite me to the interview of this senior programmer.

He is a web developer and has a question mark on his face

I asked him for a brief summary of his technology profile and he replied: html/css/javascript/”Experienced with Java” ( whatever that means.. ) . I sat next to him and want to have a rough idea of his level. I asked him about Eclipse and Java, he keep saying he only has experience with Java in the university and he graduated like 3 years ago, since then he develop website and I don’t know how much he could do.

It’s beyond my imagination

I have never expected my boss to hire a guy who does not have working experience with Java and I wonder whether I have to teach him, because we use Java here and not javascript, Verdammt! Do I have to teach him what is MVC and data modeling? I am thinking whether I should give him an assignment which require him to write some looping in order to check that he really knows programming.

I have stomach ache in the afternoon because of my increased responsibility. I am not in a role with require management of staff, I am not saying I can interact with human, actually I chat with my colleague regularly about daily stuff, but I am not teaching them about programming.


If I have a choice

I would fire him because it is obviously a mistake in recruitment. It’s better to deal with it earlier than later. But I am not in the position to suggest such thing. I have reflected this issue with my boss and he would decide.

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